The story of this long journey ends where it began

I was born in Sydney where I lived until the age of seven. My parents, unlike others, decide to return to their beloved Italy. The taste of vegemite begins to disperse among the alleys of Rome, among its monuments and magnificent works of art, among its countryside outside the city. Grandma’s homemade pasta, her simple sauces, the fresh vegetables from the garden still pervade my senses. Years go by, I love Rome, its perfumes, its food, its refinement, my senses are satisfied but all this is still not enough for me.

In one of my many trips, I am fascinated by the extreme north of Italy and by the magnificent mountains of the Dolomites and I buy a house “Maso Palù” in the Stelvio National Park. Here I begin another sensory journey, I discover the taste of country cooking, freshly made cheese and freshly milked milk, the scent of mountain herbs. The different landscape every day satisfies my sight and my heart. Tables with friends become a mix of colors, the city and the mountains merge into an allegory of flavours. Time passes… something is missing, I need to share what I’ve learned, grandmother’s homemade pasta, polenta from the north, the smell of the freshly baked bread and the colors of the mountain. I want to bring everything I have collected in this long journey, right where it all began, in the place that has always remained in my heart.

Why Maso Palú?

Inspired by the alpine farmhouses, or ‘Maso’, our restaurant encapsulates the essence of our roots and our deep commitment to authentic, heart-warming hospitality. ‘Palú’ is an homage to our stunning Alpine homeland, a place rich in culinary traditions, unique flavors, and quality ingredients. At Maso Palú, we believe in the magic of storytelling through food. Our menu is a tribute to the rich tapestry of Alpine flavors, with each dish telling its own tale of our heritage. Crafted with precision, love, and a deep respect for our culinary traditions, every plate we serve is an unfolding chapter in our delicious story. Our philosophy is simple: Authentic Italian Alpine cuisine is an experience to be savored, an experience that hinges on the integrity of its ingredients. That’s why we go the extra mile to import top-quality products directly from Italy. Maso Palú is more than just our name. It’s our promise to you – a promise of authenticity, quality, and an experience that echoes the unique charm of the Italian Alps. So, join us on this gastronomic journey and let’s continue this delicious story together, one plate at a time.